Sandrine Bozza

Trail & IronMan

« The addition of fine lace in front adds a glamorous touch to the racy and technical look of the back. As soon as you put it on, the softness of the material seems to become one with your skin. Paradoxically, a sensation of solidity, certainly due to the elasticity of the material, immediately reassures you as to proper maintain in movement. Well-being and confidence in action are confirmed, and the feelings of comfort are fabulous.

Finally, the astonishing speed with which the material dries promises certain efficiency during endurance competition and the absence of sewing leaves no doubt about comfort during effort. Feminine underwear that hides for a moment it’s secret, and incredible efficiency to accompany it’s wearer to a long-awaited pleasure, beautiful, fresh and protected even after several hours of effort.  »

In town as well as in sport, I love Calys lingerie!

Laurie Mougel

Alpine skiing

Double French Champion (2013 and 2015)
World Military Champion 2015

Ariane Imbert


World Number 1 in Slalom, No. 4 World in Race
Gold Medal Worldcup Sailing Melbourne

July Barazon


Sports Coach & Physical Trainer (DE)
Elite gymnast on pre-Olympic list (Barcelona)

Nathaly Terragnolo

Horse riding

Jumping Instructor
Hunter Promotion Association

Laurie Yver

Yoga and Acrobatic Gymnastics

Graduate Professor BPJEPS Circus

Innovative and technical and lingerie