Our values

For all exacting sportswomen!

« Horse rider for many years, I started from a simple and personal observation: there is no sexy lingerie adapted to my sport! I was tired of lacking comfort during my training sessions and competitions, so I decided to create a brand of lingerie combining comfort, sports performance and sophistication. I wanted to create unique and innovative models that I could wear during the day, then to sport without having to change. »    Isabelle

You no longer need to choose between glamour and functionality!

The Calys collection is created and developed in France thanks to the know-how of a stylist and designer specialized in French lingerie. In search of technicality and elegance, the Calys team proposes its models intended for the practice of all sports, from leisure to extreme sports. The innovative models have reached the ideal balance between comfort, technicality and seduction.

The brand

We demand the best

Approved Quality Mark for sports practice in accordance with European standards. The products are subjected to several tests to ensure the quality of materials and assembly, but also to approve the technical performance of models in extreme conditions.

The subjects

Technical quality and resistance

The different raw materials are meticulously selected, we attach great importance to aesthetics, technical quality and resistance over time. Our products are made with latest generation manufacturing techniques and the materials are tested to guarantee the longevity of the products.

All our suppliers are based in the European Union for ethical reasons above all and to ensure controlled quality to all our models.

Innovative and technical and lingerie